Grumblo Lamp

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Don't buy this Grumblo lamp, it is:


  • Just plain ugly

  • Possessed by evil demons
  • Every sixth of these lamps is covered with Novichok (Russian roulette 21th century edition)
  • Sucks the light out of anything. Humans and light bulbs included
  • Even your mother hates this lamp and she usually likes everything
  • Delivered by an angry mule (Might be disguised as UPS)
  • If you say its name three times in front of a mirror, you'll never be happy again. Ever!
  • Will destroy your electrics with A type plug (US) or C type plug (Europe). Both are included.
  • Can be fed with light bulbs by a professional animal trainer. Light bulbs and animal trainers not included.
  • Whatever you do – Do NOT buy this lamp